Our team at Big Brain wants to make augmented reality more enjoyable and organized with intuitive new worlds. One download and one application for all of a user's augmented reality needs. 



Augmented Universe is the first full universe for augmented reality that combines all of the most important activities in one seamless environment. Point your smart phone at obects and places around you and they come to life. When on vacation see facts and audio video content about interesting buildings or historical sites, in a commercial area see information about the local  businesses, or when in a neighborhood view homes are for sale or rent. If the user moves into a store the augmented universe smoothly transitions into a shopping and coupon mode. The user doesn't need to know much about how to operat the system.  [READ MORE]

Relase Date:  October 2018*

Augshades use a transparent OLED display to provide users with the ultimate AR experience. Other AR glasses require either the user to look into a small screen in the corner of their glasses or at a projected box on the lens of their glasses. We feel this isn't a good viewing experience. Augshades are designed to be more immersive and run on the industry's most intuitive and versataille Big Brain operating system. They are light weight and scalable. [READ MORE]

Release Date: March 2019*

Big Brain OS1 offers AR glasses and device manufacturers an inexpensive system to ship with their products. The operating system is designed to provide users with everything they need to use and enjoy augmented reality devices (particuarly on transparent displays). Application developers can design games and applications that run in designated locations in a more organized and controlled landscape. [READ MORE]

Release Date: June 2019*

Big Brain Road Buddy helps drivers navigate and see roadside features. Get where you need to go without having to look down at a screen. See tourist attractions, information about the landscape and environment, gas stations, restaurants, everything is easy to see and access. Use hand gestures or voice commands to navigate the world. Thumb through your radio stations of choice and read emails and texts from your phone. [READ MORE]

Release Date: December 2018*

*Currently all release dates are a preliminary projection subject to change.