AugShades produce the most immersive and pleasant augmented reality experience. The user feels that they are really in a new world, not looking at a screen. Other AR glasses like ODG or Magic Leap project a rectangular image onto the lense of a viewer's glasses. This creates a boxy impression. AugShades use a large transparent OLED display that the user can see through.


High resolution audio video content

We don't try and fit a computer on your head like our competitors. Your cell phone runs the glasses wirelessly from your pocket. You can manage applications easier this way. We can fit much more processing speed and the glasses are light weight ans stylish. Not heavy on the head or cumbersome.

Great gift.

  • See real estate

  • Read your emails and texts as they come in

  • Documents on the fly

  • Dictation

  • Recognizes voice commands

  • Navigate the world and the road with your glasses

  • See information about art exhibits

  • Shop for clothes virtually (see it on yourself)

  • Play games

  • Much more