In the future we see everyone navigating the world by agumented reality. In the Big Brain Augmented Universe a user points their smart phone at obects and places around them and they come to life. The user doesn't need to know much about how to operate the system. It's intuitive. One download for all of the most common needs.




Augshades use a transparent OLED display to provide users with the ultimate AR experience. Other AR glasses reqiure either that the user look into a small screen in the corner of their glasses or at a projected box on the lens. We feel this isn't a good viewing experience. Augshades are designed to be more immersive and run on the industry's most intuitive and versataille Big Brain operating system. They are light weight and scalable. [READ MORE]

Big Brain OS offers AR glasses and device manufacturers an inexpensive system to ship with their products. The operating system is designed specifically for augmented reality devices (particuarly on transparent displays). Application developers can design games and applications that run in designated locations in a more organized and controlled landscape.

Big Brain Road Buddy helps a drivers navigate and see roadside features. Because we have made investments into data we have more to show the driver. Tourist attractions, information about the landscape and environment.




Interesting buildings and historical sites come to life with facts and rich audio video content. It's like having a 24/7 tour guide.

Real Estate

Point your glasses or phone at any property for sale, or rent, and all of the information you want is at your fingertips. See the number of rooms, sale price, agent contact, videos. It's all there.


When shopping for a car. Point your AR device at any license plate and get the background of the vehicle such as any wrecks, prices from competitors, or available models and colors. Arrange faster insurance or financing on the fly.

Shopping in a Store

Coupons and product information pop up for nearby products as you walk through the store. Price matching and alternative purchase locations show up too.  Save money every time you shop.


Read your texts and emais from you smart glasses. Dictate a reply. See your documents and make modifications.  Google and Microsoft support.


On a road trip? Cool. Your surroundings are illuminated as you drive. See gas stations and restaurants, navigate with your phone or glasses, see audio and video about the areas and historical sites around you.


We are working on a suite of games that are integrated into your natural surroundings. Your children can be a superhero while at school or the park. Hunt for treasure. Adults can find hidden rewards as they shop or play trivia.

Museums and Art

Offers a guided tour of famous museums. Find out facts and audio video as you explore exhibits. Offers a guided tour of art exhibits. The system recognizes art and tells the story with facts, audio and video.

Golf Buddy

When at the golf course our AR system points the best place to lay the ball, provides distance to the hole, and even analyzes the shot.

Restaurant Guide

When looking for food. Find all the details about the restaurant near you. Look at the menu, book reservation and read reviews, even find out how long the wait time is.

In a Mall

Information about your surroundings is exposed. Now you have the name and address of that cake company saved in your favorites. Find out facts about vendors, buy goods, and see sales as you shop.

Walking the City

Looking for a nearby cafe. It's easier and more convenient to navigate by augmented reality than to use a mapping program. Points of interest like libraries, hospitals, businesses, all illuminated with information.

Hiking or Outdoors

See the trails and activities, even the ones that aren't listed. Watch video about the local flora and fauna, find out the history of your environment.  Spot animals with enhanced vision.